"BeijingService": WeChat Account of Official Web Portal for People's Government of Beijing Municipality Officially Unveiled
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On September 2, 2023, "BeijingService", the WeChat account of the Official Web Portal of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, was officially launched. "BeijingService", with a diverse range of content, aims to provide streamlined, up-to-date, and user-friendly digital government services catered to foreign enterprises and expatriates.

"BeijingService" consists of three main sections, namely "Discover", "Business", and "Services".
"Discover" has five major themes ranging from working, living, studying, travelling, and consuming in Beijing. It provides end-to-end and situation-based online services to address the diverse needs of users in various scenarios. 
"Business" embodies Beijing's dedication to establishing a top-tier business environment and offers extensive business-related services. Through this section, foreign enterprises can access one-stop investment and operational services and stay informed about the latest advancements in the reform of the business environment of Beijing.
"Services" is a service-oriented section, prioritizing the pressing concerns of foreign enterprises and expatriates. It offers dedicated channels for scheduling appointments related to visas, residence permits, and accommodation registration. Additionally, it provides comprehensive guidelines on handling frequently encountered issues concerning, such as, education, work permits, and medical services. 
In recent years, Beijing has been focusing on the needs of foreign enterprises and expatriates in terms of investing, business operations, working, studying, living, and travelling. The city is committed to improving the quality of international services it offers through subtle yet significant enhancements. In October 2020, the People's Government of Beijing Municipality unveiled an official web portal available in eight languages including English, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. This website combines information release, public services, inquiry, and exchanges, providing foreign enterprises and expatriates with one-stop and full-process online services. Users of "BeijingService" can directly access the Official Web Portal for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality through this WeChat account, to access a more comprehensive range of services and information available in eight languages. The seamless integration between the Official Web Portal for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and its WeChat account enables users to enjoy outstanding benefits provided by a digital and international service platform. 

Please scan the QR code in the image above to follow "BeijingService"

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